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Lead Management Website

Price: Rs.249 pm

Just249's Lead Management Website is a simple system to keep track of any potential work you may have. Its simple and easy interface means managing your important leads becomes a hassle free process. Whether you are a web designer, developer, IT consultant, or just any role that means you have to manage incoming leads, then this script would prove useful to you. It could save time and money, as well as providing a better service for your clients.

Main Features:

  • Ready to go Website!
  • Free installation
  • Global Access
  • Add, Remove, Edit leads, and create Notes for them
  • Leads can have a primary email address and up to 2 secondary email addresses
  • User Panel
  • Free domain name and hosting
  • Ongoing support
  • 1 GB Webspace and 5 GB Bandwidth
  • admin panel etc...