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Coupon Website

Price: Rs.249 pm

The Coupons website is a great website to own as it will help you capitalize on the millions of people each year seriously looking for information on the discounts and best offers available for the goods they wish to purchase. The Coupons website will update the readers with coupons for availing best discounts in the business world. 

The coupons website is value added as it contains various discount schemes and the duration of offer levied. Provides you with unique business opportunities and can be linked to e-commerce data. Infact the new feature "Share a coupon" is an attractive feature making the website owners life easy.

There are millions of searches (approximately 45,500,000 global monthly searches , data source Google ) online with people looking for anything related to information on discounts and best offers. If your website can attract 2% of the number of searches a month will be a great value addition.

Main Features:

  • Ready to go Website!
  • Free installation
  • Global Access
  • Free domain name and hosting
  • Ongoing support
  • 1 GB Webspace and 5 GB Bandwidth
  • admin panel etc...